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  1. Hi Anj, I did not know you were a big city gal at heart. Now I know what kind of houses to show you.

  2. oh my if i could just win the lottery today this would be my first purchase big city is totally for me and the round tub swooooooooooooooooooooooon

  3. So that’s a YES for the country life. Thanks Crystal and I’m coming over to see you soon.

  4. Give me the country with a home that is big enough to hold our stuff but still small enough that I can still hear my kids in the other room. I’d much rather have a small house filled with a lot of love than a big house filled with empty spaces any day of the week.

  5. Heather! I did not even notice the ice cream cones on the wall. Thanks for pointing them out. Hours soaking in the big round tub would be divine.

  6. I would totally rather live in the country than the city. BUT if someone wanted to give me a townhouse in the city I wouldnt object LOL I love that “bowl” looking bathtub. I could spend hours in there. Im curious tho, the art work on the wall is it ice cream cones? I’m going to say it is and is very unique! LOL

  7. So that’s a yes, you like it. I want to steal your line that it is “sassy.”

  8. Now that’s what I call a townhouse! And wow is it sassy 🙂 Love it! Oozing with envy too! 🙂 Ah it would be just more to clean – that’s what I’ll tell myself lol.

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