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For Sale: One of a Kind Log Cabin Home

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This is a one of a kind log cabin home for sale that was built by the famous Badger Brothers. It is 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,040 square feet on 16.37 acres. This log cabin home is located in Twinsburg, Ohio and I found it on Realtor.com. It packs a million dollar listing price of $1,675,000.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

For Sale: One of a Kind Log Cabin Home

Log cabinFamily room I suspect.  The listings says the walls are quality white cedar logs, spruce trusses, tongue & groove ceilings, and natural flared bottom tree pillars.  I am naming the moose above the fireplace Marvin the Magnificent.  Let’s look at the rest of this one of a kind log cabin home.

Log cabinThe chef’s kitchen is built with distressed alder wood, burl wood, cherry island, custom cabinets with a stained crackle finish, and commercial grade stainless steel appliances.  I am featuring the booth area above here because it is so comfy, cozy, and unexpected in a log cabin home or any home.

Log cabinThe log cabin home kitchen is boasted about in the listing with all of its amenities.  I am not “all that” about it because the picture provided does not show much detail.  Most likely seeing it in person would be enlightening.  The right hand corner of the island must be the stained crackle finish mentioned in the listing.

Log cabinNice views out the dining room.  I am again not liking the ceiling, but it does present itself with a big statement and the ceiling mirrors the flooring nicely.  

Log cabinThere is a waterfall on the property.  This is a log cabin home with plenty of windows for viewing.  The master bedroom, not shown, is on the first floor and has a glam bath and amazing closet.  Again, the listing does not feature them.  It’s often the rooms I want to see that the listing does not provide.

Log cabinThis is really interesting how the office and pool table are high above and the skylights are expansive. 

Log cabinHere is what else the listing says, but not all pictures were provided:  Play area, exercise room, hobby room, rec room, and full bath with steam shower in the walk out lower level.  Above is an outdoor brick oven on the patio.  Probably the play area is the pool table shown.

Log cabinI did a zoom on this to be sure I was seeing correctly and it is indeed an aquarium with maybe a waterfall below it.  Is that right?  A waterfall inside the log cabin home?!

Log cabinLovely grounds in the back of this log cabin.  As always I adore how a log home blends well into the surroundings.  

Log cabinA great Ariel view gives a look at the 16.37 acres this property sits on.

The Badger Brothers log cabin homes are something to brag about.  Below are a few shots of homes from their portfolio.

Log cabin

Log cabin

The featured home of this post is located at 3182 Cannon Road in Twinsburg, Ohio and is looking for new owners.

I did not show everything on this log cabin home.  If you wanna see more go to the above link on Realtor.com.

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  1. this house is ridiculous!!! I love it then i do not like it at the same time! It does blend in nicely with the forest that surrounds it though! that is the beautiful thing about it! I love that it sits in the forest away from everything! As if it is the only home in miles………which maybe indeed is the case.  Inside it is definitely, a log cabin home! The first picture depicts that of a vacation in the north, it makes me think of snow and maybe too much wood. I sat here wondering how good it might smell in this house though, that is one of the thoughts i had. “How does it smell in this house, i am sure i would like it”.  Everything about this house is just so beautiful! I think im in the middle I love it and dislike it! It seems like the perfect hug for winter!

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