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A Magical Sailboat House Along The Beach

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This unusual house for sale is not technically called a Sailboat House, but at first glance that is exactly what it looks like. Triangular in shape, set along the coastline in Guilford, CT it is quite the sight to see and is for sale. 

The sailboat house is a bit of a tiny house with one bedroom and one and a half bath. Featured in the New Haven Register, “Once you’re here, you’re nowhere. It’s a magical place,” said Rosalyn Cama, an interior designer familiar with the noteworthy work of the home’s renowned local architect, Vincent Amore. He built this unusual beach house in 1971 on a quarter of an acre waterfront property at the intersection of Madison’s Circle Beach and Guilford’s Grass Island.

Sailboat House in CT for sale is a architectural wonder.

Who built this Sailboat House?

“In 1971, a young, later to become iconic modernist architect in the New Haven community, Vincent Amore, AIA, designed and built a coastal retreat for he and his family immersed in salt air, marsh fragrances, and sun-soaked views of the ever-changing, delightful southernmost Sound in New England” – per the listing details.

Marvelous house shaped like a triangle along the coastline- for sale in CT.
The deck area of the Triangular shaped house in CT for sale
Sailboat House in CT for sale also has a towering stone fireplace.
Living Room in beach house in CT for sale.

This is the most amazing and unusual view from the kitchen that looks like we are on a boat in the water. I love that about this house.

Tiny house kitchen in Sailboat House in CT for sale.
The Triangle shaped beach home for sale in Guilford CT with views of the water in dining room.

The bedroom has the highest ceilings I think I have ever seen or is this a ship or a bedroom in a sailboat? It is an architectural wonder.

Soaring ceilings in the Sailboat House for sale in Guilford CT.
Deck for Triangular shaped home for sale in Guilford CT.

The Sailboat House is not isolated along the coast at all. Look at all the traditional homes surrounding it. It is definitely the unusual house in the crowd and in this case that is not a bad thing at all. Furthermore, the listing details say “known by area sailors it is akin to being aboard a moored fully outfitted yacht.”

Coastline view of Triangle Shaped House in Guilford CT for sale

For $1,500,00 get more details with William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty about this awesome sailboat house for sale. Be sure to have fun browsing my gallery of Unusual Homes page too.

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