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  1. Not that much Andro. It is just that Sandra put 1000 lights on the tree and I think they are the mini lights. In addition to all her reflecting ornaments, that makes it glow.

  2. Andro Garcia says:

    WOW , i loved the Glowing Christmas tree so much , how much does it cost to make something like that ?


  3. Soo happy you stopped in for our linky party Magali. Yes, the last white house as you probably know is from Southern Living who shared it with me. It is quite popular on Pinterest. Have a great weekend.

  4. I am so excited you came to Meet The Neighbors, thank you Carol. I need to be in your pocket to do a drive-by Drew’s house.

  5. Let’s see-
    – for ease of the move, I will take Drew Barrymore’s Montecito home because it is just 15 miles away.
    -next I will take Ethan Hawke’s little place because I LOVE NYC.
    -of course, anything on Tybee Island would be fun

    Such great houses you shared.

    thanks for hosting Meet the Neighbors.

  6. I love the townhouse too and need to hunt down that yellow color on the cabinets and want to paint our sunroom that color.

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