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  1. sacred spaces living says:

    OMG Sue that bathroom is to die for. This home is huge. How many square feet is the home?

  2. Hi Crystal, thanks for the visit. It looks like this home is out in the country with room to roam.

  3. I like this cottage – not sure why it’s called the pumpkin cottage.

  4. I would use a bonus area like this for kids for sure and after the kids, it would make a great lounge or office or guest room.

  5. They must have taken most of this house down to the studs when they updated this gorgeous home. The kitchen in picture perfect and the living room is spacious and beautiful. Love that bonus room. We had an old park colonial many years ago. It had a bonus area like this, we used it for the kids play area.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Wonderful cottage, but the exterior is just crying out for some pumpkins!!!

  7. This is such a beautiful home. I like how they added a pop of dark blue to that book shelf. I love hardwood floors. That drive looks like a perfect entrance.

  8. I would never have guessed the inside would be updated and so lovely. Beautiful find Sue. I just love it!

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