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  1. That is a great idea Cyndi to see his home in Lake Tahoe. Keep an eye out for us.

  2. I have so many good memories when I hear The Beach Boys songs.

  3. Thank you so much Carol for sharing such a nice story about your daughter and son-in-law at Christmas in lovely Pebble Beach.

  4. The home is gorgeous and anything in Pebble Beach or Carmel is fabulous. Our family rented a house in Carmel for Christmas a few years ago and our son-in-law proposed to our daughter on Christmas Eve at Pebble Beach.

  5. What a stunning home! I love the property. I’m sure they enjoyed every moment of this house. I love the Beach Boys. their music made us all feel good and still does!

  6. What a home! I would love to know where his Tahoe house is – We are up there quite a bit – maybe I’ll run into him…LOL

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