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  1. I liked the lavender rug and circle sofa that most of us noncelebs don’t have the room to consider buying a big white circle sofa.

  2. You had me at “surrounded by horse farms.” Then when I seen that living room I was in love. There are many other features I like to this home. Of course, I’m a Catherine Zeta Jones fan too. So, that make me a bit bias.

  3. Hi Anj, how about her dressing room! It’s kind of elegant, just like her.

  4. luff luff luff everything about it

  5. What a beautiful home in a lovely setting.

    I know that Michael Douglas owns a home in Montecito, not far from me. I think they lived their together. I would love to see that house.

  6. Oh yes…and the guest house…wowzers. I adore this house!

  7. I noticed how the structure allows a real curtain rod and curtains in the bathroom too.

  8. Oh my the bathroom and vanity! To die for….Love it!

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