Celebrity Adele’s House in West Sussex England

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Celebrity Adele home tour shows her 20,000 square foot house in West Sussex, England on 25 lush acres.  The home tour shows two of the many indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, a summer-house, helicopter hangar, a staff cottage, and 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms.

It is every bit an English style house with dark wood walls.  Here is a YouTube video home tour of Adele’s house in England.  Rightmove.co.uk, reveals the West Sussex, England house is worth L6million, was refurbished in the 1930s, and has a 56 foot kitchen (yipes) in what was once a ballroom.  Rightmove goes on to state that the house has been recently modernized since its previous time as a converted convent in the 1970s.  This is where Adele was living, but she was renting the property and has now vacated and this property is currently not an active listing as far as I can determine.

This is quite the little palace to rent, too big for my taste.  Adele is reportedly looking for beachfront property in Brighton, England. – rightmoveblog.

Celebrity Adele's House in West Sussex England

 That’s it for Adele’s house.  XO my friends.

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Video source: YouTube Celebrity Houses – Adele

Source: rightmoveblog

Adele photo source: CC Flickr captivated

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