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  1. Something about me is that I had a dream to have a pool just like this and the size of the house is just about right for me too.

  2. Ditto that for sure Doreen. It’s a little lost dream of mine to have a pool right outside the door and all into, so this ol’ Hollywood Hills house caught my attention.

  3. the swing and that pool can you imagine i would never get any work done the pool would just call my name lol

  4. Love the swing, and the pool right outside the office is guaranteed to keep me from working if I lived there ;).

  5. Seems like Topher likes them too. I do like the cozy old homes best.

  6. Hi Jenny Lynn,gosh yes, the swing seals the deal at first glance.

  7. I love the kitchen nook and the pool. What an awesome little gem!

  8. house crazy Sarah says:

    What a wonderful and unpretentious home in the hills. How I love those old Hollywood ranchers!

  9. That swing on the porch, calling my name. I want one at my house. This is a really pretty home. Personally, I can’t really see children living in this house. Seems more like a retreat for a busy working woman or man. 🙂 Just my opinion.

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