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  1. The transformation from card/cigar room to virtual work room is the most original thought yet! Love it. I’d serve my massive extended family meals here too.

  2. Becca Niederkrom says:

    Loveee this! I especially love the cigar/card room which I would do none of those activities but would rather bring my laptop and digital nomad friends in there for a massive work intensive.

  3. I could live in the kitchen! I could probably house the whole family in there 🙂 I totally agree the guest house looks like a waiting room. Thanks for sharing this… crazy what these stars spend their money on.

  4. Your boys would love all the sports and you could sit and work from the patio.

  5. Holy cow, this is a nice house. I love many aspects of this house. I could live very comfortably there.

  6. Wow is right, plus it’s in a beautiful area fully concealed by mature trees. I love the gate entryway with the number 23 on it.

  7. He does have lots of money, so this compound is just the thing. I am convinced what we are not seeing is what’s golden about this home.

  8. What a total waste of money that house was. It’s not cozy, inviting or family friendly at all. It reads, single partier with lots of money. Or Ritzy, Wealthy Older gentleman.

  9. I can’t even begin to imagine having that much money. And that house…wow is all I can say!

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