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For Sale: Houseboats in Seattle

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Houseboats; Whatever floats your boat and Sleepless In Seattle.  These come to my mind when I think of Houseboats.  I am featuring two houseboats in Seattle.  First up though is the famous Sleepless In Seattle houseboat; we all are familiar with this one.  It was for sale back in 2008 for 2.5 million dollars and is located on Lake Union in Seattle of course.

Most of the inside shots from the movie Sleepless In Seattle were on a sound stage, but reports do say that some were indeed shot inside.

Famous Houseboat Sleepless In Seattle

Some lucky new owners live here now.  It is one of the largest houseboats in the area at 2,720 square feet.  It seems a peaceful way of life to be living. A famous quote from the movie Sleepless In Seattle is “It rains nine months a year in Seattle.”   Some top ten reasons to live on a houseboat are:

  • You wake up, and you don’t have far to walk to go Fishing!
  • The sound of the rain on the roof, you’ll Sleep like a Baby!
  • You get “home”, and feel like your already on Holidays!
  • There’s nothing like working from your House Boat office!
  • The suppertime BBQ’s on the front deck taste so Good!
  • Watching the sunrise, and morning coffee are Incredible!
  • No more grass cutting and driveway shoveling, Ever Again!
  • The marina atmosphere and neighbors are simply the Best!
  • Where else can you change the waterfront view anytime!  Per http://www.all-about-houseboats.com/houseboat-living.html
A number #1 reason to not live on a houseboat is if you are a sleepwalker.
I would probably not like it because it no doubt would be buggy and I hate bugs, but also, I read that otters may defecate on your deck, dead and smelly fish get wedged under the foundation, and boats passing by are probably noisy.  But, I also read that there is lake police to monitor boat noise and boats coming too close for comfort.
In colder areas of the north I wonder how it would be living on the water; can it be done year round?  None of these things were addressed in Sleepless In Seattle, it was all good for Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  So let’s look at two houseboats for sale in Seattle.

A charming, happy houseboat listed in Seattle, Washington for $595,00 with one bedroom and one bath and is pending.



Listing says do not disturb the hummingbird nest.


Kitchen has granite counters and new stainless steel appliances.


If you want to get happy this deck will do the job.  While exploring houseboats, a lot of the listings mention the 4th of July views from houseboat living are perfect.

Houseboat in Seattle for sale

This houseboat for sale is also in Seattle, specifically in Portage Bay which is an arm of Seattle, Washington’s Union Lake.  The listing says it is “truly the best in houseboat living on the waters of Portage Bay.”


It’s listed for $2, 150,000 with 2 bedrooms and 1.75 bathrooms.  Nice deck walkway to this houseboat is one of only two houses on this dock.

hottub on a houseboat image

An unexpected outside hottub for your houseboat pleasure and the deck is large for entertaining outside.

image interior on a houseboat

Stunning window views to wake up to.

houseboat living room

window seat in a houseboat

Window seat retreat.

Kitchen in a houseboat

Preparing meals, pouring coffee, even cleaning takes on a new meaning.

view of kitchen in a houseboat

office in houseboat

Nothing like waking up in the morning and working all day in your houseboat office.

houseboat stairway image

Let’s go upstairs.

image of houseboat bedroom

Master bedroom with walk-in closet.

photo of bathroom in a houseboat

Luxurious master bath.

photo of garage for houseboat

Rare private two car garage with additional guest parking.

deck view Nice view of home from dock.  Would you want to live in a houseboat?  Would you buy a houseboat?

For more information on these two listings see * Seattle houseboats for sale.

UPDATE 2013: The houseboats seen here are likely not for sale any longer, but see more delightful houseboats in Seattle at the * link above.

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