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  1. What a beautiful property and home. There are similar properties for sale on in our Luxury Properties category page. Thank you for posting this estate.

  2. What a great idea for a Meryl Streep movie set Sarah.

  3. House Crazy Sarah says:

    This would be a great movie set! I’m seeing a Meryl Streep chick flick there!
    ps. That puppet house for kids is amazing!!

  4. Hi Anj, I really like the quaint and charming guest house and pool too.

  5. omg you had me at the pool. Sold lol

  6. Thank you for such a unique perspective Carol. Sounds like when you sell your house it will be worth kaching.

  7. My first college roommate was from Pacific Palisades. It is a wonderful community overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Her wedding reception was in one of those old private clubs with an expansive view of the ocean. $12 million on the southern California coast is nothing. We are finding our funky little beach being bought up by “Hollywood” types with cash. There is no way we could afford to buy our own home today.

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