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  1. I am so happy to hear from you and thrilled that you have been inside of this home. I am overwhelmed by just looking at it let alone having been inside. My sister who lives in Iowa is the person who drew my attention to it. Let me know if you happen to notice who buys this wonderful home or what happens to the property if you have time. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories.

  2. My family is from Ottumwa, Iowa, and knew the owners of the house. I remember being inside the house only once when I was very young. All I remember about the house, is that I was overwhelmed by its beauty. I knew it was on the market, and hope someone buys it who will love and care for the house, and who likes small town life.

  3. Next time I go to Winterset I will go see John Wayne’s birth house there. The woodwork they did in the past it so beautiful, no wonder preservationist work to preserve it.

  4. fabulous wood work and its a “steal of the week” now if only i would hit the lottery or something hee hee interesting about John Wayne

  5. From the sound of all the calls the real estate agent is getting, a lot of people are very interested in this historic mansion. Glad you liked the famous people from Iowa information.

  6. Yes! Heck, I didn’t even look at the carpet with being too busy staring at the wood carving.

  7. Carol, those are the most outrageous names for a male and any sport coach, even ridiculous. No wonder John Wayne was named Marion; it was some kind of trend of the time.

  8. The carved wood is wonderful.

    At my high school, there were teachers whose names were Marion, Beverly, Francis, Wendy, and Shirley. All of them were men. Marion was the football coach. Francis, Shirley and Beverly were the track coaches and Wendy was the basketball coach. Could you imagine using those names today?

  9. House Crazy Sarah says:

    Damn that woodwork is AMAZING! I hope some preservation minded person buys it and maintains all the charm but gets rid of that carpet, etc!

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