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Restored Old House For Sale: Darling 1921 Cottage

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Look at this restored old house for sale that now looks brand new, but with all the charms of old world style.  Once your head stops reeling, soak up all the details about this darling Naples, Florida cottage.

It’s got an eye-popping red and white exterior accented by a bright blue awning, but wait until you get a load of the interior!

This restored old house for sale is hailed as “a prominent and rare opportunity to own a famed historic cottage in the heart of Old Naples.”

Everything has been updated and nothing looks old or outdated at all!

Plus, if you visit me often, one of my favorites; a one bedroom, one bathroom, vaulted wood-beamed ceiling, screened porch, full kitchen….Guest House!!

Well it’s not a completely restored old house. There’s a new pool pavillion with all the party necessities like an outdoor kitchen and island-style bar of course because this is beachy Florida peeps.

Restored Old House For Sale: Darling 1921 Cottage Gosh I love the look of this easy living beach style house.  Do you adore all the space and color on the walls like I do?  I especially like the heart in the hutch, all the shutters, and double french doors. 

201 11th Ave S Naples FL“Authentic heart pine floors and pecky cypress ceilings.”

201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillow

Bedroom 201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillow

Bedroom at 201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillowThe cutest bedroom! There are three in the main house and one in the guest house.

Here’s two more.

201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillow

201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillowThis has the master bedroom look.  I don’t know which of the four bedrooms is in the guest house.

201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillowFun fish-stamped wallpaper in one of the bathrooms.

201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillowI can appreciate ceramic tile in a kitchen.  To die for vaulted wood-beamed ceilings.  The listing mentions the kitchen cabinets are hand painted.

201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillow

Deck 201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillow

201 11th Ave S Naples FL - zillowOn the right is the kitchen that looks out onto the pavillion.

Pool 201 11th Ave S Naples FL Zillow


Together, the pool, pavillion, guest house and main house are like this is a mini-compound beach home.  Restored Cottage 201 11th Ave S Naples FL ZillowHere’s the house to put all those windows into perspective.  Great to see a red beachy type house for a change.

Next is inside the guest house of this (doesn’t look anything like a) restored old house for sale which is just one of the many reasons I love this 1921 Florida cottage.

Guest house 201 11th Ave S Naples FL Zillow


Guest house Naples FL - ZillowIf you’re anything like me, I end up liking the guest house as much or more than the main house.

Guest house kitchen Naples FL - zillowThis kitchen sold me. I notice clever drawers built-in to the wall of the stairs. I’m taking my time looking around at every perfect thing in this kitchen including….

Guest house kit Naples FL - zillowthe booth table and chairs.

Naples FL Cottage for sale - ZillowThe whole house has a fun and spacious design.  I can’t imagine not preserving this unusual historic cottage.


More information on this restored old house for sale: Olde Naples Real Estate

Photos: Zillow

Next week is another Naples house, but it’s brand new!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t pick out what part of this place I love more. I love the window treatments. I love the hardwood floors a lot! I like both kitchens. (Of course, right now I want a new kitchen so bad I can feel it.)

    Thank you for all the gorgeous pictures of this beautiful place.

  2. Yes Candy, I did see the big knotted type tree. Wonder what kind it is. You’d set the pavillion bar up with some awesome tablescapes I know you would!

  3. Hi Sue, You found us a great beachy house to look at. The sun room areas are beautiful, I love all of the light streaming into the rooms. The outdoor areas are to die for. I am in love with that big old tree, and the pool, and the pavilion.

  4. Country meets beachy is a good description that did not occur to me. Not sure, but it seems like the house has two sunroom type areas; the green room and the yellow room. Have a nice weekend Jenny.

  5. I adore looking inside people’s houses lol. At night, I’m always peeking in to see how they decorate lol. I feel like a peeping tom, but I can’t help it lol. Not interested in the people just the decor! I love this house so much. I love the bathroom, the sun-room..it’s all glorious! Thanks so much for sharing this one!

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