Famous Mansion Loch Aerie aka Glenloch Mansion

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Famous mansion Loch Aerie aka Glenloch Mansion and aka Lockwood Mansion.  The mansion was built by Addison Hutton in 1865-68 for William E. Lockwood so is also known as the Lockwood Mansion.  The famous mansion is in Frazer, PA.  Perched on a hill above a busy intersection, Glenloch originally had 684 acres with four railroads stations.  It’s design per the 1958 Historic American Buildings Survey is a Italianate Design with Victorian Gothic details.

I’m wishing this famous mansion still had all that acreage because today its next door neighbor is Home Depot.  Now zoned for commercial use, It could become an office, hotel or B&B.  Rare Victorian lists the price as $2,250,000.  I didn’t find any current listings so it is probably off the market.

I found out about it though a Victorian Community I belong to.  Old House Tours blog took two videos in 2009 of the exterior and interior and then the dark and dingy basement.

Famous Mansion Loch Aerie aka Glenloch aka Lockwood MansionWikimedia Commons

Daily Local News West Chester, Pennsylvania, May 1, 1936: The architect Addison Hutton was on his way to Glenloch in response to a summons from Mr. Lochwood to consult with him on the house plans when he was told that Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, had been shot.  All the people were so shocked and horrified that there was no talk about house plans that day.  The dwelling was not erected until some months later. – Historic American Buildings survey. 

Enjoy the video tours.  The narrator gives an up close and personal look with interesting information about Mr. Lockwood

Historic Home Tour Loch Aerie

Historic Home Tour Lockwood Mansion – The Basement

It was interesting to read the comments on Old Hour Tours from people who lived or visited there. One of the greatest things about old homes are the memories they hold.

Additional source: wikipedia

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