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  1. Lucky you to have a nice new home with big rooms to have fun decorating. Have a nice day too.

  2. Jean Nairon says:

    Great tips! I bought a new house with big living room and I still don’t have idea how to style it. I’m glad that I found your blog. Thanks for the inspirations.

    Have a Nice Day !

  3. Jean Nairon says:

    Ohh! What I say, its awesome !

    Thanks for sharing such amazing images , Loved the dining area alot
    This is like a dream house …
    hahah .. I want it .!!

    cheers Buddy

  4. This house is beautiful inside and out. I’ve always loved the look of having stone as an exterior material, it’s a timeless look in my opinion. I especially loved the teal shutters on the windows, the colors work very well with the stone!

  5. It’s like a dream house for me. I love the vintage style.

  6. This is a fantastic article. Thank you very much for sharing! One trend we have noticed increasing in interior design is the use of balustrades. This is becoming ever more popular. We will give this a share via our social media channels for you.

  7. Hi Erika, since you are NYC designer Erika Flugger, I am so happy you stopped in for a visit. Love your Chelsea Duplex Space Planning.

  8. They did a nice job integrating the desk built in making it feel like a natural extension of the dining room. Thanks for sharing.

  9.  @House Crazy Sarah  Yes, I like the stone they used so much.  It says Old World Style and Welcome.

  10.  @sharongreenthal  Bingo!  The shutters are what made me want to do this house for starters.  Have a nice day Sharon.

  11. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I appreicate that builders are borrowing classic architecture from the past for new designs. So much to love about this house – from the ironwork to the semi-casual dining – beautiful!

  12. Pisces904 says:

    This is a really nice post i also love the new design of your website 

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