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Colonial Style House Built In 1900

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A colonial home for sale in Ipswich, Maine is a rare pieces of property on 56 acres including a barn with an apartment listed for $3,600,000.  Plus, there is an extra 34 acres for sale separately with a horse barn.  This property is surrounded by protected land.  The listing says “Currier and Ives setting.”

I read that a Colonial style house is one of the most popular styles of homes in the United States according to “Better Homes and Gardens.”

It has 8 fireplaces, lots of built-ins, hardwood floors throughout, as they say, a butler’s pantry, marble counters, pool, tennis court, barn, paddocks, and the apartment over the barn.  The house has a total of 16 rooms namely 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and about 7785 completed square feet of living space.  Okay, sounds like a pretty great pieces of property to be had during the holiday seasons, so lets look and see.

Colonial Style House Built In 1900

The house exterior reminds me a bit of the Money Pit house I recently did. 

The real estate listing does not say if this is the entrance driveway, but I think it is since it’s at the beginning of the listing.  So it is a nice Currier and Ives drive to get home.  Imagine this in the snow.

Love these traditional colonial style house stairs and the sitting area underneath.  Remember, the house was built around 1900 so it probably has a lot of nooks and crannies if you like that in a house.

Huge kitchen that I just love.  The kids could roller skate in a circle around the table, a cook or two can be busy making the Holiday dinner, the extra-large apron sink, all those pots and pans hanging above the sink, and I have to mention the expansive windows everywhere.  And, I kinda like the shiny ceiling.  I was looking around and thought that I would repaint the chairs a pretty color, put in a different floor; large black and white checked maybe, wood, or very durable tile for lots of activity.  Heck, you could even paint the cabinets a color or leave as is.  It’s a great kitchen.

Colonial house living room

Colonial style house traditional living room with just breathtaking fan transoms windows and doors.  Yum!  Lot’s of room to play all day.

Colonial house dining room

The dining room has two dining room tables in it, what!  Plus, the credenza and looks like custom painted walls.

A spacious sun-room

Next up is the sun-room that is spacious and scenic with a fireplace also.

Pool at Colonial house



The pool looks lonely, anybody wanna swim?

Road to the barn, colonial house

I think this is the road on the way to the barn.  For the purposes of this post, I am calling this Hobbit Lane as for some reason it makes me think of Hobbits; probably because the Hobbit movie is coming out this month and I’ve seen a lot of advertising.

Red barn with apartment above it

A red barn with living quarters above it.  Good place for the workers to live or for your teens to hang out.

Horse barn interior

The horse quarters look immaculate to me.  I don’t know anything about taking care of horses other than I know it is a lot of work and takes dedication.  There is a farm a few doors down from me that has miniature horses and regular horses and lots and lots of other critters, and then at the end of the street is a house that has horse boarding, so we see horses going up and down the street a lot.

Once upon a time (true story) a horse came wildly galloping up the street, ran into the freshly mowed lawn across the street, reared up, neighed loudly, came back down on all fours, took a dump, turned around, and then ran back down the street to where it came from.  That is one of my most crazy, hysterical memories of horses and living on my street.

This colonial style house is located on Heartbreak Road and that is an appropriately named road for this lovely house to be on.

To read more about this Colonial style house for sale see here and don’t miss other houses for sale like Dunham Castle and more under For Sale.


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