Cottage House Style Home Tour

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This is a cottage house style home tour of some houses in town and one is from my hometown Wheaton.  I favor cottage house styles and if you’re new here check out my cottage home tour on Mermaid Cottages.

I did not start out to do a cottage house style home tour.  I went to Wheaton looking for a house I remember from childhood.  Walking home from elementary school with a large group of kids my age from the neighborhood was fun.  We always passed this eerie house we all called The Outer Space House.  It was very silver, on low to the ground stilts, and round.  It has been killing me lately to know if it was still there.  I remember asking my Mom a LOT of questions about it.  Why is it round, why is it silver, why is it silver.  I wish I remembered the answers.

Instead with my daughter in tow, we drove around the block and found a sweet little cottage house style.  Actually we found three of them, but the photos did not turn out.

Cottage House Style Home Tour

While taking this shot a nice good looking young man asked if we had lost a dog because we were pulled over on the side of the road.  He was driving around trying to find the owners.  Guess we looked like we were looking for something and we were.  We found this sweet little cottage house style and loved it immediately.  Great landscaping and white wicker chair and swing.  It deserves an official cottage {{Hug}}.

Fairy tale type cottage house style home tour

In Warrenville, there are some old cottage house styles.  I never noticed this one before.

cottage house style sloping roof

It’s dressed up nice wearing orange trim and a red door.  If ever a cozy storybook type cottage, this is it with the exaggerated sloping cat-slide roof line.  

cottage home tour

I pass this house all the time and have loved it for years.  Stone cottages with turrets get me every time.  The owner of this cottage decorates the door in the stone turret for every holiday and season.  It is for sale by owner.  The For Sale sign has a phone number on it that has been faded for months.  I don’t think they are in any hurry to sell.  I hope if it ever does sell it stays the same.  There are large lots on either side of the house that are part of the property, so it could turn into three houses or one large house.

I wondered out loud where the outer space house went and Tim said…it flew away.

Rivendell cottage in Ireland

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