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Restored and Repurposed Cottage is Hearts Delight

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A restored and repurposed cottage called the EJ Sooley House is in Heart’s Delight Islington a town in the Canadian province of Newfoundland.  The cottage was built by a very unique travel company in Newfoundland called CapeRace who connect travelers with places and people in the Newfoundland area for fun and adventurous experiences.

CapeRace’s uniqueness does not stop there.  What caught my eye is they have restored and repurposed abandoned and distressed Newfoundland coastal homes for their guest’s accommodations.

CapeRace homes have been featured several times on Houzz where I found them. They have also been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine and Canadian Home & Country Magazine.

The EJ Sooley House is a restored and repurposed cottage built in the 1930s.

They moved it from its original location to an oceanfront setting.  I love the newly renovated E.J. Sooley cottage for its soothing and happy turquoise interior, vintage decorating and retro appliances.

Restored and Repurposed Cottage is Hearts Delight

I read that it gets dark early and winters are long in Newfoundland so this bright turquoise fights off the blues.  Whether there or anywhere, I think the painted floors and walls and big yellow checked tablecloth and chairs make a happy setting.

turquoise painted kitchen

 The shiny metal edging for the kitchen countertops is original to the house.  If you want the look check with any big box store like Home Depot.  The paper towel holder is from a garage sale.  Love the airy yellow curtains here and above.

restored 1930s kitchen in turquoise
restored and repurposed cottage with retro appliance
EJ Sooley House bedroom

I have always liked this shade of turquoise for a summer coastal cottage.  The antique night table and white chair are perfect for this restored and repurposed cottage too.

Restored WB Sooley House
Here’s a look at the back of the restored cottage.

Head over here for more about CapeRace and Houzz for the rest of EJ Sooley House.

Photos by Donna Griffith.

Haire's Ears Cottage by CapeRace

CapeRace have restored several homes.  Here is a glance at Hare’s Ears Cottage with a bead board ceiling.  Adore those chairs and chandelier!

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