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  1. I know your colors so for you to say this is amazing means a lot. Mermaid Cottages are always nicely decorated.

  2. The amazing array of color in this home pure awesomeness. Thanks so much for the look inside Sue.

  3. Hi Cyndi – I am glad you liked seeing this happy bright Mermaid Cottage. I still aim to get over and see your trip to France.

  4. I love all the color. It would be a perfect little vacation getaway and really feel like you were on vacation.

  5. Thank you! I inspect each image carefully. Don’t want to miss any goodies! lol

  6. I noticed the colorful blue coffee maker too. You have a good eye for details.

  7. Wow, now that’s color! I love the blue coffee maker in her kitchen. I love color and this was so much fun to see!

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