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A storybook designer home, that is what this company calls themselves and they build storybook homes for you.  While looking at their gallery of homes, I became enchanted with their house called Dragonfly Cottage.  I looked at it because of the name Dragonfly Cottage for starters, and then when I saw the house design and the property setting I wanted to share it with you.

Dragonfly cottage house plan

It is described as “a timeless weatherboard and stone cottage .”  Get a load of the storybook brickwork on the lower quarter of the exterior, and the arch-shaped windows in the center, not to mention this lovely setting. 

from storybook designer homes

Imagine what you could do with this bedroom with its outside door and balcony.

storybook designer homes bedroom

This bedroom appears to be on the lower level with sliding glass doors.

Wonderful close-up view of this cottage-designed new house.  It’s amazing to see what new home builders are doing these days.

You can see more of the storybook homes designed by Storybook Designer Homes here.

Some other interesting cottages to see are Carmel Cottage and A Genuine Hobbit Guest House.

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