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Parade of Lakefront Homes in Wisconsin

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Welcome to my parade of lakefront homes.  Some inspiring homes in Racine, Wisconsin today.  There are lakefront, waterfront, oceanfront, and beach homes everywhere in the world; these homes are in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan.

To think people actually live like this.  They wake up in the morning to a view of Lake Michigan.  Some live in homes I can only dream about.  Most of the homes are right on the lakefront and a few are just a small block away allowing you a short walk to enjoy the sun and sand.  While I would pick the big homes to live in if I had a choice for spaciousness, it is often the smaller homes that I find more charming and interesting.  Yesterday’s home tour included Gothic, Italian,and Greek style homes.  I know a few of these houses are also historic homes included in Racine’s Tour of Homes.  Today, they are my Parade of Lakefront Homes.

Parade of Lakefront Homes in WisconsinLoved this house at once.  Slate roofing, the light green trim around the windows, the windows, brick work, and….

Racine, Wisconsin home on the lakefront

the church shaped window/door that the lake can be seen through from the street.  Marvelous!

Double-decker southern porchBig pillars and double-decker porch southern style home is a favorite in the parade. 

Beach House on Lake Michigan

Bam!  Just when you think you’ve seen it all.  This modern glass beach house on the lakefront sits in-between your everyday average home like the next door ranch.  Expect the unexpected!  I was in awe thinking why, how come, what were they thinking.  Now I am at..hey why not!

Modern Beach HouseSee straight through to the lake from the glassed in dining room.

Beach House along Lake MichiganThe upper street side balcony with a balcony on the back side of the house for lakefront viewing.  I need to install a zoom widget.  If you have a smart phone get a look at this house close up to see the steel strings on the balconies/decks!

Racine, WI home

Saluting as this one goes by in the parade.

Parade of Lakefront Homes Racine, WI 1Little boxes on the lakefront, little boxes of lakefront homes, little boxes on the hillside….. there’s a green one, and a yellow one, and they all don’t look just the same.

Parade of Lakefront Homes Racine, WI 2The house on the right is in the Racine Historic Home Tour.

Parade of Lakefront Homes Racine, WI 3 Parade of Lakefront Homes Racine, WI 4

 Lakefront view.

Historic Home Tour house Racine, WIHistoric Home Tour sign in the yard that alerted me this house is something special.

Historic Tour of Racine HomeFull street side view showing how great this house is and I am lovin the landscaping too.

 Parade of Lakefront Homes Yellow house 5


William and Katherine Spencer House Main street Racine, Wisconsin – The William and Katherine Spencer House (c. 1905) is also a featured property in the Historic Tour for 2013.  This is a classic American four-square style house that has fabulous lakefront views along with most of the parade of homes.

Tan and brown house Parade of Lakefront Homes 6

Yellow and Green Victorian I wonder what room is way up above where the three little windows are open.

Yellow house with lip windowsIncluded in the parade for the fancy eyebrow roof line.  Yellow houses with white picket fences get me every time.

Little Red House 1

Little Red House 2 Parade of Lakefront HomesLast in the parade of lakefront homes is this smack-dab adorable little red house like a caboose on a train.

Eugene Head House - Third Avenue Historical DistrictEugene Head House is a Georgian Revival to see along with many more homes on Historical Mansions and Houses of Kenosha Wisconsin and see

the beautiful homes in Racine Wisconsin

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