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  1. Yes, it was simple as that. We just used nails to hang the heart and the birds.

  2. Sue, I love how you hung them on the side of your house. Did you use nails to hang them?

  3. Thanks Cyndi, you’re so good at pulling looks together that I appreciate you saying that.

  4. Wow, thank you so much Susie Q. Your farmhouse fan is epic.

  5. Awe thanks so so much Toni, nice to hear from you today.

  6. I love that heart and the birds, and the color is fabulous too. Can you tell I love it? 🙂

  7. Those birds on a wire are so cute & look right at home on the wall above your cute cafe table/chairs. Your outdoor decor is really getting an update, I can tell. I can’t wait to see it all together this spring!

  8. I really love your farmhouse style decor, Sue. Looks really good and natural on me. Might try doing this too. Thanks for sharing some tips in making it. Will check out Custom Cuts Decor too for inspiration and ideas.

  9. Your farmhouse look is as cute as can be. It’s totally charming hanging over the little table and chairs. When the weather warms up, you’ll get so many hours of joy out in this little patio/garden. Nice job!

  10. Hi Suzie. I always enjoy hearing from you and this wood pallet heart is for sure super duper cutes. Thanks for stopping by today.

  11. I am so glad you said “adorable.” I think it looks super adorable too and can’t wait until summer to enjoy it more. Oh and if it snows, won’t the heart and birds look great dressed up in white.

  12. Thank Michelle. I love looking at them everyday. They give me so much joy.

  13. Sue these are fabulous and they look great on your house. I have to say you are braver than me to get out there in this weather and hang outdoor decor! Good for you though. Those birds are the cutest!

  14. Adorable Sue! and it matches your style perfectly. What a great conversation piece right above the ice cream table. Their products are wonderful!

  15. Thank you Carolann. I am super excited about the heart and birds and how they look.

  16. Super duper cute that is. I love pallet anything. I love the colors and the birdies! I am heading over to check out their site for sure.

  17. Oh my gosh, I love how you guys hung it on the side of your home! What beautiful pieces! It goes so perfectly with your decor too. Beautifully done Sue. Custom Cuts has stunning products!

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