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  1. So interesting that you too don’t like the updated kitchen. Hope all is well there weather-wise and that you have power today.

  2. I love old Victorians, and this one is just lovely. Not crazy about the kitchen cabinets, but the living room is gorgeous.

  3. I did not think of that Scott. I wonder if that is why I was attracted to it. I love that big old house on the corner of Warrenville and Park..remember that one?

  4. scott sterne says:

    sue in many ways this looks like are old home on Warrenville rd.

  5. Interesting take on the kitchen Carol. I did not even think of that because I was too busy staring at the kitchen windows.

  6. Ha! Guess I don’t realize people know who Jack Benny is too. I am coming over to get some Chocolate.

  7. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    I didn’t expect that large living room from what I saw of the outside of this cute home. I love the vintage chandeliers and even swapped out a more modern one for a vintage one in my own home. Fun fact about Jack Benny — a Valentine’s Day baby. Of course, I know who he is. Miss that kind of comedian, like George Burns and Bob Hope.

    Fun post, Sue!

  8. The living room with those great built ins and the fabulous bay window is wonderful.

    The kitchen just looks too up to date for the rest of the house. I think I would have gone with an old piece of furniture for the island.

    Fun video of Jack Benny and Marilyn Monroe.

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