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Queen Anne Cottage

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~Queen Anne Cottage ~

Queen Anne Cottage is a must see little delight that lives in one of America’s quaintest towns, Geneva, IL.  I know it’s a quaint town because it is just minutes away from me.

It’s a Queen Anne Cottage built in 1893 that is not a big and tall Queen Anne Victorian, it is cottage sized, just right.

This little darling enchantment sits in the heart of the Geneva historic district.  Plus, plus, plus! It has a charming guest room and bath in the back yard.  This could be a home office, kid home from college and no job yet space, in-law space, or Au Pair Suite if you could afford such a luxury.

The interior is decorated just like you might think a Queen Anne Cottage would be decorated.  She is little, but big on space with the extra room out back.  Four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and $474,900.

Queen Anne Cottage 213 S 5th St Geneva IL

She looks like she has new landscaping ready to be tended by new owners. 

Entrance 213 S 5th St Geneva, IL

Kitchen 213 S 5th St Geneva, ILThe cutest little table nested at the window.

Country kitchen 213 S 5th St Geneva, IL

Dining Room 213 S 5th St Geneva, IL

Dining room w french doors 213 S 5th St Geneva ILFrench doors and Tiffany hanging lamp.

Living area 213 S 5th St Geneva, IL

Bedroom 213 S 5th St Geneva IL

One of the three bedrooms in the main house with what looks like an antique sewing machine next to the bed.

Backyard quarters 213 S 5th St Geneva IL

The much-needed extra space for a home office, in-law quarters or guest house is in the backyard complete with window boxes and its own front door.

Backyard bedroom or office 213 S 5th St Geneva IL

Bedroom/office in the extra living quarters.

Backyard quarters bathroom 213 S 5th St Geneva IL

Love the 2nd quarters period bathtub in keeping with the Queen Anne cottage theme.

Bathroom 213 S 5th St Geneva IL

This cute bathroom is probably in the main house, but I am not sure.  I like the black and white floor pattern a lot.  The unique black faucet and basin stand, ornate mirror and stained glass window!

Deck 213 S 5th Ave Geneva IL

Deck and 2nd living quarters 213 S 5th Ave Geneva IL

I would like this little Queen Anne Cottage for many reasons in addition to the extra living area out back.

Take the whole tour on Trulia

Geneva is one of the most far western suburbs of Chicago and has many shops and restaurants to keep any resident busy.

Some notable people from Geneva, IL:

Bob Woodward author and investigative reporter for the Washington Post (he broke the Watergate story) was born in Geneva and lived in my hometown of Wheaton.

Phil Esposito, centre with the Chicago Black Hawks, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers.

to list just a few.

Movies filmed in Geneva, IL:

The Road to Perdition starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, and Jude Law was partly filmed downtown Geneva.

Novacaine starring Steve Martin was partly filmed at the Geneva Motel.

An older movie from 1974 called Harry and Tonto starring Art Carney was partly filmed at the Geneva Courthouse and Geneva Motel.

One reason I love to go to Geneva is they have oodles of to-die-for antique and gift shops to mill around in filled with treasures beyond compare!

Color block Victorian Home

Found this treasure one day while out on errands that I am calling color-block Victorian.

Purple Victorian Home

Right next to color-block sits this lively painted purple Victorian.  It has a bit of color block too with darker purple siding going 3/4 of the way up on the right.

Visit my Old Houses page for more historic homes.

That’s it, have a wonderful Kaboodle day.

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