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  1. This property worth more than 2M 🙂
    And, why not?
    This place is Amazing. Everything is just in place. I can only think about that.

    The kitchen is too special, and the view of nature from balcony is mind blowing.
    Thanks for this cool share.

  2. Vern C. Tan says:

    Fantastic stuff !
    Thank you for a wonderful post, it was the perfect thing for me to read right now. We bought our first home 5 years ago, and all of my pent up decorating dreams have actualized into rewiring and installing drainage. I have such dreams for my house but not the budget to achieve them, and lately I find myself daydreaming about selling up and buying again.

  3. You are someone who notices a lot of detail and I am happy to hear you too like the unique views offered by this horse farm.

  4. Jorge McMillan says:

    This honestly is one of the most beautiful country homes that I have ever seen! Not only does it have a modern rustic design to it, but the yard that it is surrounded by is so beautiful and really adds the country like affect. The selling point for me though is the beautiful lake that is behind the home. Being able to look out over that everyday would be a joy in itself and would be the cherry on top of having a home like this.

  5. That is awesome that you can get great views with your home. I am impressed that there are homes made in different styles and in all time eras. I love the images of home options that you can get dependent on your taste and budget.

  6. You have good taste and I had not thought about the wall colors in that way so you pointed out something else special about this home.

  7. Gracey Radford says:

    My goodness! What happy horses they must be…a lovely home with a view! And people that love THEM too! Hi Sue!!!

  8. Thanks Julie, it’s one of those dream come true, fantastic views, kind of homes that I like to feature when I can. Let me know if you ever see a house we all might like to see that is in your neck of the woods.

  9. Thank you Anj, it is a remarkable home with stunning views.

  10. What a beautiful place. Those windows in every single room ahhhhh. It’s every pony lover girls dream. Thanks for the look inside Sue.

  11. I just can’t get over those magnificent views! And from every single room, it seems. Wouldn’t this be gorgeous at holiday time?

  12. I thought a lot about how the price is rather low for such a house and property too.

  13. It’s all about the unbelievable view with this gorgeous home! The interior is superb, but the view steals the show.

    I was quite surprised to see the price. I thought it might be a lot more!

  14. I’d never go anywhere except to travel to the water in the distance. It would be the most satisfying living in this house and setting.

  15. I remember how much you loved your horse and care about horses Crystal and am so glad you too think this is a wonderful home and a horse lover’s dream come true.

  16. This is such a wonderful place. I’d love to own that’s for sure. It’s a horse lover’s dream come true. Thanks for sharing it with us. Whoever buys it will love it.

  17. I just love every inch of this house! And the horse farm wowzers. What a dream to be able to live in a house like that. I’d never go out! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us!

  18. An amazing estate for sure Carol. Do you ever see people riding horses on the beach in your area or are they not allowed on certain beaches? We have horse boarding and a farm on my street so I see horses going by quite often.

  19. Well, all I can say is WOW!

    My first thought when I saw the opening picture was that I couldn’t afford the electric bill!

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