Lamb Manor A Florida Luxury Estate Is $4,995,000

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Lamb Manor is a luxurious estate on the market for $4,995,000 and as of April, there is a price reduction with a new price of $3,795,000.  It’s a historic Victorian home originally built in 1910 and on the National Register of Historic Places. ** See below for updates: Lamb Manor became the WSJ House of the Year 2015!

Lamb Manor Estate and two-story guest house with 3 units that totals out to a whopping 8880 square feet.  Outbuildings also include a 4-car Carriage House, guest laundry, and 5 bay storage building.  Seven bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and 5 kitchens. Interesting that all the furnishings are included with the sale of the estate.

Lamb Manor Circa 1910 has undergone a significant $1.9 million dollar restoration.

It sits secluded in a private island type location in South Tampa Bay, Florida with a bridge to cross to enter.  Start traveling down a winding path with palm trees, waterfall, and walking trails and then you enter Lamb Manor.

When I win the lottery you might find me in a place like Lamb Manor floating my days away in warm and sunny Florida.

Lamb Manor A Florida Luxury Estate

Lamb Manor A Florida Luxury Estate Is $4,995,000

Here’s a 4 minute video tour of the house to enjoy set to some Victorian era music to complement your experience like a movie.

I wonder who lives or lived in this special retreat and is now selling their dream for someone else to enjoy?

Here’s a second video that takes you through the gates, flies you around the grounds and shows Lamb Manor from angles only a video can carry out.  Love this one!

I feel all warm and fuzzy now after this show like I’ve been on vacation.

Go here for more details about this Historic Luxury Estate on the market. *NOW OFF THE MARKET

** Update March 27, 2014: I am excited to add The Wall Street Journal selected Lamb Manor as HOUSE of the DAY!

** This wonderful home went on to win House of the Week and is now in the running for House of the Year.

** Lamb Manor did go on to win House of the Year Congratulations! Be sure to click over to see all the photos and read more about the home on House of the Year 2015 – Lamb Manor

You can find lots more Victorians new or old Circa homes under Home Tours or Housestyle.  Roseland Cottage is one example of a grand old lady that is also a National Landmark and in Connecticut.  She is a pink Gothic Revival open for tours during their regular season.

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  1. I am so happy you won House of the Week and now in the running for House of the Year. Congratulations! If I can help in any way, let me know. xo

  2. Hi! I am so thrilled Lamb Manor is going to be a WSJ “House of the Day”. It deserves this honor and more. Now more people will get to see this jewel. Thank you so much for letting me know and sharing in your joy. Congratulations!

  3. Oh what a life is right! I did also think this was a low price for what you get house and property-wise..if only I had a few million to buy it.

  4. the grounds . . . those steps up to the house . . . the views . . . AMAZING.

    I am surprised at the price though. For what you get, it seems quite low. There are a few ocean front houses in our little beach that are for sale for nearly the same price and you just get a big house, no yard and certainly not your own island.

    I was reading about Oprah having an auction of a lot of her “stuff” at the Polo Grounds near me. She mentioned her house in Telluride and she has a house in Montecito and I am sure one in Chicago. That gorgeous house you just shared looks like it would be a house for people who have mulitple houses – Oh, what a life!

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