Most Expensive House Is A Palace In Florida

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Come a take a tour of this 11 bedroom, 17 bath most expensive house that is a palace named Le Palais Royal.

That’s right, it’s the most expensive house in the US on the market today, but not the most expensive ever, or the most expensive in the world.


What’s this most expensive house that is a palace got?

To begin,

It has 7 water features:

1.On the ocean.

2. 465 feet on the beach.

3. Place to dock your yacht.

4. 6 waterfalls including a 26 foot fountain.

5. Plunge pool.

6. Infinity pool is 4,500 square feet with double loop slide.

7. Jacuzzi.

If you happen to be considering a palace then Le Palais Royal quite possibly is thee place to buy (of course I know your imaginary world has been searching for a palace).

But Sue your ask, does it have a 2 million dollar staircase, 22 karat gold leaf finishes and a music production room?  Yes, yes, and of course.

Plus, a putting green and an over 30-car garage Jay Leno could fill up to his heart’s content.

Most Expensive House Is A Palace In FloridaTwo years were dedicated to the completion of the gilded staircase.

Le Palais RoyalPalaces don’t go up overnight.  Le Palais Royal took seven years to complete; patience my princess.


Pool at Le Palais Royal

Inside Le Palais Royal - Coldwell BankerFirst things first. It has the first EVER personal use IMAX theatre.

See more about the most expensive house in Florida on Miami Curbed

It’s a palatial wonder, now Go!!!

Thanks to Jenny of JennyLynnDesignz for telling me about Le Palais Royal.

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  1. I do love that staircase – Scarlet O’Hara would would have floated down those steps to meet her suitors. Opulence is so much fun to look at, but I don’t think I could even dream of owning this one, even if I won the lottery I still could not this house.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Love the location of this home!

    I know you saw my post about Newport and The Breakers. That home, which is over 130,000 sq ft and has gold leaf throughout and so many beautiful details, took only two years to build! Most of it was assembled in Europe,taken apart then shipped to the US. They don’t build them like that anymore!

  3. It’s impressive. I keep wondering, How would they decorate it? It would need very expensive furniture, maybe solid gold pieces. Ornate comes to mind. As for living in it, wouldn’t wear sweats to live there, only silk! 🙂 Glad you featured it.

  4. You know this house is beautiful, but I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a home. Especially after living in finer homes growing up and now living in a simple OLD run down cinder block home now filled with loads of love.

    I’d love to go visit this house though and enjoy all the finer details they put into making this house.

  5. Wow I totally see myself walking down those grand staircases. ok maybe its sliding down them but a lady can dream right lol thanks for the tour

  6. I can’t even imaging living in this house wow! It’s stunning. The staircases are magnificent. Thanks for sharing this dream!

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