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  1. Vintage look and feel, but modernized inside is a perfect way to describe this home!

  2. So adorable. i love the vintage look and feel, but modernized inside.

  3. Hysterical that the dogs would eat the fish. Everyone loves this house and has such interesting stories about the Poi Pond.

  4. Hi Doreen, Thanks for visiting and I am thrilled you think this house is adorable.

  5. What an absolutely adorable home, and the backyard is beautiful! So serene and private. Definitely my style!

  6. I am so happy to hear from you Sarah and coincidentally was thinking of you again just today and going to contact you and so I will! This is the sweetest home and Bellingham looks like an idyllic place to live. I am still thinking about this fireplace.

  7. House Crazy Sarah says:

    soooooo sweet! Bellingham is just beautiful – I have friends who own an old house there.

  8. Sooo interesting about the Racoons eating the Koi and also that they are on the beach..these are the things nobody tells you about Koi or ponds or even beaches. We used to camp out along Lake Michigan and racoons were a problem. They opened our coolers and came into our tent one night!

  9. If that was my house, I think I would spend most of my time outside by the koi pond.

    My friend has a gorgeous koi pond in her home on the hill overlooking the ocean. But, she has to keep mesh over the pond because the raccoons come from the hills and eat the koi.

    We even have a raccoon problem at the beach.

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