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Mortar Washed Houses

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I am gaga over Old World style homes and one technique to achieve the look is mortar washing.  It changes the appearance of exterior brick.  Here are six great examples of mortar washed houses.One house has a Pastel Cote finish with Boral bricks, another is white-washed brick, and there is an example of a lime-washed wall that gives it a vintage look.

Mortar Washed Houses - Birmingham Alabama

This home for sale in Birmingham, Alabama reportedly is mortar washed over full brick and the curb appeal is soft, inviting, and earthy.  Love, love the green trim and I can stare at this house for a long time and not be bored.  Read on while I stay here and stare.

One way to achieve the look of Mortar washed houses per ehow, is:

“Brick masons mix a slurry of sand and cement to create a paste they sponge over bricks. A textured cloth, such as burlap, is rolled over the cement paste to create texture. If you have old brick on your home’s exterior and are looking for a way to refinish it instead of replacing it, or if you have brand new brick that you’d like to infuse with Old World flair, then mortar washing is an inexpensive way to add a touch of fab to your home’s facade.”

I am thinking this or something like it could be used on an out of date fireplace that is red brick with black mortar too to create the old world style inside.

 Boral Pastelcote exterior finish

This is my favorite exterior I can find to date.  Per Things That Inspire this home’s exterior was built with Boral Bricks and a special finish called Pastel Cote was applied to give it the texture and color.  Hubby wonders why the columns are white.  I think it is to tie in the bars above the windows.

The Kimble eclectic exterior is boral pastelcote - Mortar Washed Houses

Here is another mortar example of Pastel Cote finish with Boral Bricks that has a French flair and I can never get enough french style be it houses, dishes, or furniture.

Soft lime washed walls give a beautiful mortar washed look


Mortar washed houses, brick smeared with mortar, or soft lime washed like the above picture gives the vintage look that I love so much. 

A great house with mortar washing exterior

A great mortar washed house, what do you think?

a white washed brick exterior on a traditional style house that gives it that old world feeling

Here’s a white-washed brick exterior on a traditional style house that gives it that old world look and feel.

Pastel Cote home exterior

I change my mind, this drop dead gorgeous house by Dillardjones is the best example to date of a Pastel Cote home exterior I have found and is now my favorite too.  I’d love to hear about a mortar washed, lime washed, or whitewashed house if you know of one.

custom built house with paver driveway

Another house you may enjoy after these mortar-washed houses is Custom-Built House with Paver Brick Driveway.

Sue - Housekaboodle

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