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  1. You have a good eye Suzie. The stove is quite special and a high end item for sure.

  2. O my word that is 3 floors of pure awesomeness! I love how its so old yet they have embraced some modern mixed in with vintage. I love that stove o my word too!

  3. She is a beauty that I’ll never forget. Just a little above ground pool in the yard and then it’s sheer paradise for you of course.

  4. OMG I’ll take it as is with everything in it. There is nothing I don’t love. You had me at wrap around porch. Of coarse I would add a pool even if its on the porch lol.

  5. I hope they have a maid to clean everything, especially all the wonderful windows. I’m still drooling over this Queen Anne house and it will be hard to forget.

  6. Ohhhh Sue You had me hooked with the wrap around porch! I am in love with this home 110%! I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to have to keep it clean though. Absolutely gorgeous

  7. That so great to hear that this Queen Anne is one of your favs so far. This town is not far from me and is full of beauties like this.

  8. Hi Julie, glad you liked the bathroom too, it’s sooo different. I’d love to have concrete countertops someday. My brother has a concrete business and I wonder if he does countertops, I have to ask him. Have a very nice Labor Day weekend.

  9. I can see why you would stare Sue. My eyes are glued to the screen and my jaw dropped open with amazement. She is a beauty – probably one of my favorite homes to date. I don’t think there is a thing I don’t love about it. Ever inch is stunning, and I love the decor too.OK, I’ll be back later – after I find that sugar daddy 🙂

  10. While this home is not my style, there are some features that I really love. The concrete kitchen counters, the windows, those bathrooms, and the outdoor spaces are all amazing!

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