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  1. So nice to hear from you Jenny. Just the thought of Honey suckle makes me happy during this long drawn out winter.

  2. You always share the cutest cottages. I could see my single old self living in one. It would need to be covered with Honey suckle. As I love the smell. And have rocky paths that lead to a rose garden. 🙂

  3. Yes,yes, me too! Thanks for such a nice comment and I enjoyed your post.

  4. If I was single or had no kids, I would totally own one of these!

  5. Love your house to pieces and admire the remodeling and decorating you have done. Hey, when the above “door creaks and the wind is blowing” we will be sitting in our rocking chairs too (LOL).

  6. Dana@chocolateandsunshine says:

    I always thought I needed a lot of space, too, but these are great options. As much as I enjoy working on my current home, I look forward to a few years from now when I downsize. I picture white curtains blowing in the wind and a screen door creaking. haha.
    Love these!

  7. There are so many of us today who are loving our small space living. Less to clean and less up keep.

  8. Debbie-Dabble says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments!!

    I live in a small townhouse and I would not want a big house at this stage in my life…


  9. I used to want a McMansion. Now, I love to look at them but just want a little cottage. Your home seems big to me because of everything you do with it proving less can be more.

  10. You can add on an artist room in the back just for you!

  11. there adorable but so tiny where would i paint furniture lol thanks for sharing Sue

  12. Those little cottages are seriously cute. I love the windows in Harbinger and Whidby.

    When we moved to our little cottage, it was 832 sq. ft. and our daughter was still at home with us. We added an art studio for my husband which puts us at just about 1000 square feet. Now that there is just the two of us, we could “get by” with less space. Of course, I wouldn’t have my creative space then. What saves us is that we added pull down stairs to the attic. We have storage above us that is the full floor plan of the house. Another thing that saves us is that the weather allows us to use our patio as an outdoor room and we spend much of our time outside.

    The point of that long paragraph is to say that we don’t NEED to live in massive McMansions.

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