A Horse Ranch for Both My Horses and Family

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A Horse Ranch for Both My Horses and Family

Today I am excited to introduce you to one of my reader’s and blog tribe mate, Crystal of Tidbit Of Experience. Crystal is a SC wife and homeschooling mom to three kids. Her family shares their life experiences along with products and services to make your life better. Once you get to know Crystal, you’ll find her to be very engaging, helpful and a loyal friend. I am proud to have her Horse Ranch post today.

Take it away Crystal ~

Like many of you, I love to come explore Sue’s website for ideas and to be nosey exploring the houses that others live in. I’m always the one who is overly critical about the homes she finds and displays. That lead to me sharing what my ideal horse ranch would be on her site for you all to see too.

I’m overly depressed with my life right now only because our electricity went out today by a fluke. When I’m depressed I like to SHOP! Even if it’s just window shopping. Right now, I am wanting a new home in the worse way!! That is one of the reasons why I love Sue’s website so much.

There are only a few homes that would really capture my attention enough to make me look at them with complete envy. The horse lover in me requires a nice large horse ranch. Sue has many wonderful homes on her blog that I’ve admired for years due to my love of going to home shows.

Well, today she responded back in kind about the fact that she had horse farms on her site, but out of the ones she has on her site, I only found one that I really liked. The home I liked on her site was the Kentucky Horse Farm. That home was nice and homely. It also has all the fancy barns and pastures for all of my horse love pleasures. Yet, it didn’t give me all the bells and whistles I would want.

That lead to me searching. Low and behold I found four homes that I like for many reasons. All of them have the ability to make me feel welcomed and able to still connect with my family on a personal level and have the high-class style for both my horses and me.

A Horse Ranch for Both My Horses and Family

This is the horse farm I found on Sue’s site that I love.

Gourmet kitchen Kentucky horse ranch for sale

Kentucky horse farm for sale

Kentucky horse farm for sale - the sunroom

Kentucky horse farm barn

Kentucky farm arena stalls

Kentucky farm for sale mare field

Each one of the homes I found elsewhere held an appeal to me for one reason or another. None of them really captured me enough to want to spend the price tags they have on them even if I did have the money to do it.

Horse Ranch No. 1

The first home came from HorseRanchSearch.com. The reason this house caught my attention so much is because it had a horse on its hind legs in statue form as a part of its’ entrance. I collect statues of horses on their hind legs. A horse on its hind legs is a representation of a horse fight for its rights and freedom. I’ve always related to that stance even from an early age.

A Horse Ranch for Both My Horses and FamilyHorse Ranch No. 2

The next home I found was Diamond Bar 7 Ranch. Honestly, this home doesn’t look like it offers a lot to the average person. However, to a woman who loves to spend time riding across open fields and gets great pleasure from soaking up the sun rays buried in a field of hay it looks like pure heaven to me.

Horse Ranch for Both My Horses and FamilyHorse Ranch No. 3

My ultimate dream home is a two-story log cabin house with a spiral staircase. Our home would also have a kitchen that is big enough to work in, but yet welcoming enough that the family can interact with me as I’m cooking. This Montana Ranch has the perfect kitchen in it. It looks like there is plenty of room for the family to gather around the island section.

Home for My Horses and My FamilyHorse Ranch No. 4

The last home I like is the Dos Rios Ranch home. This home has a nice barn fit for the finest of horses. Considering I planned on opening an equine rehab center for troubled teens, I would need plenty of stalls and room for all of the things needed to operate this kind of establishment. I love this barn because it has plenty of stalls in it and a hay loaf up top. I am particularly in love with how the top of the stall doors are covered in bars, which is ideal when having stallions in a barn.

Dream BarnIn reality, it’s highly unlikely that a person can find their dream home in one that is already made. That is why many people opt to build their dream homes from the ground up. Yet, I find it a lot of fun to search homes for sale or recently built to gain ideas.

What would your dream horse ranch look like?

Of note, Crystal has a lot of blogging tips on her site and runs a Facebook Group you can be part of too.


Circa 1880 Charming FarmhouseI wonder if Crystal would like this Charming Farmhouse?

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  1. Our neighbor used to have a horse and I was sad when they no longer had one due to personal reasons. A farmette down the street has some horses and a carriage they ride with miniature horses and then at the end of the street is a house that does horse boarding so we see the owners of the boarded horse ride by on their way to a ride along the prairie path.

  2. No, you definitely can’t leave a horse like you can a cat. A horseman’s life is never done. That’s one of the reasons why most of my vacations growing up included horses in them. Not that I’m complaining because I loved the organized trail rides and the cattle drives I got to do as a kid.

  3. I don’t blame you for loving those homes wow. Those kitchens are a dream for sure! I love the property too. The stables are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these stunning home!

  4. I had no idea what went into a horse ranch until I visited an old high school friend. His wife does not often join in when we have get togethers and after seeing their stables for 5 horses, I totally understand. It is a lot of work and there is no taking off. You can’t leave the horses to fend for themselves like a cat.

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