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Queen Anne in Iowa For Sale is the Banta House

QUEEN ANNE IN IOWA I didn’t litterally slam on the brakes for this Queen Anne in Iowa, but if I was there I would! I like how colorful it is and all the ornamentations. Prominently known as the Banta House, it is on the National & State Register of Historic …

Unique West Chester PA House has Fully Functioning Bakery

UNIQUE WEST CHESTER PA HOUSE Here’s a house set up to work at home as a baker. The lower level is a fully functioning bakery! I know some subscribers who are cook’s and baker’s who will love a peek inside this unique West Chester, PA house. Delish! 

A Tiny Cape Cod Cottage in Massachusetts

Tiny Cape Cod Cottage in Massachusetts Yarmouth, Massachusetts has the most adorable tiny cape cod cottage that is just 162-square-feet. The decorating inside has the right touch of whimsy beach cottage style. It’s a perfect, very little, vacation cottage. If I could buy this little dumpling I would. Yes, I …

Flintstone House For Sale in Hillsborough Ca

HILLSBOROUGH’S FLINTSTONE HOUSE FOR SALE Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Take a look at this one-of-a-kind Flintstone House for sale in Hillsborough, CA. It’s iconic and most unusual. Curbed SF reports the listing agent Judy Meuschke of Alain Pinel Realtors is overwhelmed with the buzz about the Flintstone House.

Queen Anne House in Illinois For Sale is Heavenly

Lovely Queen Anne House This Queen Anne house grabs your attention with its wrap around porch, center stage turret and beautiful landscaping, but wait until you see inside. Be very silent while I shed a tear. The listing calls this Queen Anne house a stately historic home. “Unbelievable location, unbelievable …

Rooftop Cottage On Top of NYC Condo

ROOFTOP COTTAGE HIGH ATOP A NYC CONDO  It would be an unbelievable dream for New Yorker’s to live in a cottage smack-dab in the city. This condo described as a “historic boutique pre-war condo” has a penthouse with a rooftop cottage. NY Curb reports the news about the rooftop cottage …