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Our DIY Project To Build An Entryway

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Our DIY project to build an entryway is done.  Welcome to my messy house. I am excited to show you a few photos of the not quite done yet entryway we custom-built.

If you’re new here or follow me, this DIY project started as a repaint the dining room idea. Like a lot of ideas this project grew bigger to the point that we have not painted the dining room yet. We removed our textured ceiling and that put a hold on the painting. Then we decided to build a foyer or entryway and started brainstorming on the how-to and design.

I’m really excited to see how the paint color, Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue looks that I first posted about back in May.  Jeez this project has taken a long time. It’s not just me that does this is it?  Good, not just me.

I left off with you when we had the column built and had attached the transom window and we still had not built the lower half wall.

Our DIY Project To Build An Entryway
Our DIY Project To Build An Entryway

Bare bones beginnings heading towards becoming recessed cabinet and column.

DIY Transom Window - HousekaboodleAdded trim to the top. Yay! It’s starting to look like something. Nothing better than trim to make you happy at this point of a DIY project.

DIY recessed cabinets - Housekaboodle
DIY Recessed Cabinets - Housekaboodle

We drew on the wood exactly where we wanted the trim placed.

Wood Cut Outs - Housekaboodle

We added another layer of wood and cut it out to cradle the trim to make the recessed cabinet and column.

DIY entryway - Housekaboodle
DIY Project Entryway - Housekaboodle

Added floor trim and the center shelf.

DIY Entryway opposite view
DIY Projext Entryway - Housekaboodle

Fun rehab, DIY project problems that had us scratching our heads was the floor is not level horizontally and the transom window converted from a mini-french door was not square.  We just adjusted for the little imperfections like any rehab DIY would do. IRL (in real life) this had us going back and forth with measurements and cuts at first, but towards the end everything fell into place beautifully.

Still on the to-do list is painting the entryway white. Painting the room (I have thoughts this will never happen) your thinking it too aren’t you! Paint the ceiling. New chandelier. New front door, new rugs, and new everything.  The new everything is doubtful.

D.P. Interior Woodworks

Remember this photo from Pinterest by D.P. Interior Woodworks that was our inspiration and all we had for how-to? I tweaked it a bit with having a transom window on top for added light, but I think we hacked it pretty good. Stay tuned for updates.

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See where we started and how far we’ve come:

Dining Room Step One

Painting The Dining Room and Build an Entryway

DIY Transom Window Entryway Idea

We highly recommend using a nail gun like this for this kind of project.

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