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  1. This is our first time making our own molding so big Thanks for saying that Robin.

  2. It truly is amazing. I can’t wait for the finished reveal! Excellent panel molding. I’m itching to see it painted!

  3. Hi and thank you so much Candy. I go back and forth on the paint color and we are very excited to get everything painted. Crossing my fingers for a new front door too.

  4. Hi Sue! I know I visited this post last week, I must not have left a comment. Your hall is coming along beautifully! The transom window looks wonderful, the design of the trim is perfect! Great job!!! I can’t wait to see the Palladian blue in the dining room.

  5. Coming from you Robin of all people, I take this to heart and am tickled you believe we have done an amazing job.

  6. I love how this is turning out! So much like your inspiration piece, that I\’m just as excited as you are! I can\’t wait to see it painted and finished. You and hubby have done an amazing job!

    Robin @ Redo It Yourself Inspirations

  7. Beyond amazing Becca?!! You just made our day today and now we are very encouraged.

  8. Thank you Crystal and we are making such good progress now.

  9. This looks like you’re coming a long nicely on this project. I love the color scheme you choose a lot.

  10. Hi Carol, I did not think of it as how we are doing a lot of detail, but you are so right. Now that we have done this we have to keep going and add the details elsewhere too.

  11. I am finally somewhat peppy and trying to catch up.

    Wow! Your entryway is going to be fabulous. I love that you are putting in so much detail on the woodwork. Detail is not included on new houses today so to see yours is wonderful.

  12. Wow, thank you too Jenny Lynn. I did not expect such a great response. Oh, his head is going to get big if I show him.

  13. It looks amazing! You have a talented Husband. I am with everyone else who has commented. I am looking forward to some photos at Christmas time.

  14. We can’t wait either. I said: If it’s not done by Christmas… and He said: What! It better be done by Christmas!

  15. Thank you Carolann. We have little carpenter experience so your words mean a lot to us.

  16. I am in love with this! Your hubby is a master carpenter for sure! What an amazing transformation you guys created. You must be so proud of him! Can’t wait to see all the painting done. Wow Sue…wow! Congrats! xoxoxo

  17. yahoo! you have an entry way!! (almost) This looks fantastic. You guys did a fantastic job. Cant wait to see it all finished and decorated for the holidays 🙂

  18. Thank you Anj, we like how it turned out so far. I have plans in my head with all sorts of decorating ideas for the shelf. Christmas lights on the window and column will look pretty.

  19. wow wow wow its really looking fabulous you guys rocked this diy really rocked it the end is in site

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