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  1. Lots of interest in this unit due to its famous past resident. Would be fun to say you bought Al Capone’s house!

  2. love the idea of living in a big time gangsters house and the double porches oh my yes please

  3. Really cool that you actually went to Alcatraz Dana.

  4. We visited Alcatraz two years ago, and my kids were fascinated with Al Capone. We were surprised he died of a disease – they thought he died trying to escape from The Rock!

  5. Epic famous house now that Al Capone once lived there.

  6. House Crazy Sarah says:

    I had no idea Al Capone died so young and from something un-gangster related!!

  7. Oh that is so fun he likes mobster stuff and watched The Godfather so many times.

  8. Oh wow I have to show this to my hubby he loves all that gangster stuff. I think he watched the Godfather 100 times. Thanks Sue!

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