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  1. Hi Jack, it is nice to hear from you about this nice house in Staten Island that caught my eye.

  2. I’m usually not a fan of interior design styles in homes like this, but honestly it feels really warm and cozy. It’s something that I would consider one of the exceptions. I always debate between modern feel and warm style interior.

  3. What fabulous features and architecture this home has! The ceilings are amazing, and that kitchen…wow! Love the view also, but I can see this house on the beach in Cape May ;).

  4. Thanks to you for referring this wonderful home in Staten Island Carolann.

  5. Oh, that blue-green color in the bathroom, gosh yes, love that tone and some of your newly painted cabinets are a soft blue like this too.

  6. Love the house!

    The green in the bathroom is one of my new favorite colors.

  7. Thank you Sue! This house knocks my socks off and you did an excellent job of detailing her beauty. I literally turn green with envy over this house and every room in it. I’m happy all your wonderful readers get to enjoy it too!

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