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  1. I took another look and there are 3 rooms painted a light gray which is a color I like and goes with any colors too. I bet it’s all dressed up in white to sell easier. At any rate, I am loving the whole house too.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I am a fan of the black & white, but I agree with the other ladies .. there needs to be SOME color thrown in. Or it could look to much like a hospital instead of a comfortable home. I do still think it is wonderful.

  3. I find it fascinating that trains only run in am and pm since Tim handles the west line train traffic around here.

  4. There are a few subways now in LA, but almost everyone drives. There is a metro train that leaves Ventura where I live and goes into LA, but it only runs in the am and pm and not on the weekend. Most cars have 1 person in the car and it seems like there is no time to travel through LA without running into traffic.

  5. Yeah, all the celebs have to live near LA to work. I’d be a mess driving in heavy traffic like there. It is probably worse than here in the Chicagoland area. Does LA have trains that shoot straight to the city from surrounding towns like here in Chicago?

  6. I saw this house somewhere else and wondered where in LA it was. La Canada Flintridge is a very nice area. But, the LA area traffic is beyond horrible. The freeways are packed at nearly any time of day.

  7. You’re hysterical with the sugar daddy comment. I did think about the all too white thing and then said, naw, I like it and it makes it easy to add any color to each room. There is a library or office I did not show that is all wood paneling.

  8. Hi Anj, with your decorating talent I bet you get good ideas from this house. It’s a study is black and white and almost the opposite of you.

  9. Thank Doreen. Since Vince Vaughn’s Mom is a famous realtor and his wife a realtor as well, I think they know what they are doing with houses.

  10. This is such a gorgeous yet unassuming home! Livable, but sophisticated and tastefully decorated.

    The little girls bed is beautiful, and some of the touches throughout, like the TV by the bathtub, are awesome!

    I agree, this home will sell quickly.

  11. OMG you know i’m in lust & love. It’s just everything I love love love. I want want want now if only I had a few million to spare. Oh thanks so much Sue for the fabulous look inside.

  12. Truly stunning house. I agree about the pop of color. I would liven that sucker up with some color like nobody’s business lol. It’s all too white for my taste, but that’s something that can easily be remedied. I adore the grounds, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. Yowzers what a site! OK, so I’ll have to find me some old rich sugar daddy it seems to supplement my income lol

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