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Townhouse Home Tour with Carolann of Sassy Townhouse Living

Today is a fun tour of my friend Carolann’s home and the first in my new Charming Home Story series. I have admired Carolann’s Lifestyle blog, Sassy Townhouse Living – Sharing the Best of Everything, since I found her on Facebook one day. Then I started looking for and following her fun blog.

Carolann and her husband have a beautiful townhouse in Pennsylvania. She loves decorating, refurbishing furniture, doing crafts and cooking. She recommends products she uses that are not sponsored posts. Carolann is more than a nerd, she is a go-to person for how-to do things online like backing up your computer. She is a data mind about gadgets and gizmos and does a series about them. Well, she has a few more tricks up her sleeve, but I’ll let you visit her site to explore and find out for yourself.

Let’s get on with our Townhouse Home Tour and enjoy Sassy Carolann’s home decor.

Townhouse Home Tour - Front Porch Patio Bistro set by Sassy Townhouse Living - Housekaboodle

At the entrance Carolann redid her front patio area by replacing a bench with this fun Bistro Set she found at Target. She added the upper gray cushions for more comfort and color. The cushions and Bistro set look fantastic against her gray porch. Now I want to head to Target and look for a set like this.

Townhouse Home Tour - Hallway inside Sassy Townhouse Living - Housekaboodle

Thank you Carolann for inviting us into your warm and lovely home today.

Townhouse Home Tour - Hallway Shade by Sassy Townhouse Living - Housekaboodle

This printed shade is one of the first things you see in her foyer it’s one of her personal favorite decorating ideas. She is a big fan of using ambient lighting on tables throughout her townhouse.

Kitchen - Sassy Townhouse Living
Kitchen Island - Sassy Townhouse Living
Decorative bronze tile upgraded this kitchen island - Sassy Townhouse Living

She added flare and pizzazz to her kitchen island by upgrading it with Bermuda bronze tiles.

Elegant Dining Room - Sassy Townhouse Living

The fancy red and gold kitchen island pendant lights match the dining room chandelier and were sold as a set.

Kitchen/Dining Room Buffet inside the home of Sassy Townhouse Living

Nestled in a corner between the kitchen and dining area is this to die for buffet cabinet used as extra storage for bread, fruit and snack.

Living Room - Sassy Townhouse Living Room

Leather sofas are great for families with children for easy clean up. This is the first time she and her husband have picked a leather sofa for their living room and are very happy with the choice.

Townhouse Home Tour the Home Office by Sassy Townhouse Living - Housekaboodle

Carolann has plans to have a built-in office in her near future. Her bright and happy red sofa doubles as a bed for guests. She simply removes the pillows and has an instant extra sleeping arrangement.

Lets go upstairs inside - Sassy Townhouse Living

Let’s go upstairs…….

Sassy Townhouse Living - Foyer Table

More ambient lighting and a cabinet that looks like it’s from Home Goods that I want to steal.

Sassy Townhouse Living - Bedroom

She has a flair for the fancy throughout her home with draperies and a touch of the whimsy with this overhead fan.

Vanity Before and After by Sassy Townhouse Living - Housekaboodle

Something I wanted to share with you is her before and after vanity transformation with chalk paint she posted about on her blog. This is just one of her How-To DIY projects she shares on her blog.

Bathroom - Sassy Townhouse Living

One of the bathrooms has this gorgeous carved wood bathroom vanity that goes along with her elegant home.

Townhoue Home Tour - Smaller Bathroom by Sassy Townhouse Living - Housekaboodle

This oval mirror above the sink is just the kind of mirror I would grab in a store or estate sale immediately. There is just something about its shape and size that looks whimsical in their small bathroom.

Remodeled Garage with Cabinets from Lowe's by Sassy Townhouse Living - Housekaboodle

My husband who is a handyman and likes to do DIY projects around the house and the men in our lives will love this! Their garage was remodeled with these cabinets they got at Lowe’s. As for me, I would like this in our garage as much as my husband would too.

I invite you to visit Sassy Townhouse Living where she Shares the Best of Everything. Thank you, Carolann, for the fun Townhouse Home Tour today.

If you’d like to share your home or a special remodel or decorating project you did,  I want to hear from you. Please send an email by clicking my contact me page.

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Sue - Housekaboodle

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  1. Carolann’s house is very unique and the kitchen pendants are for sure pretty. I was so happy to have the opportunity to feature her home.

  2. That garage is amazing! I want a ‘grown up’ one just like that ;). When I was looking for ways to perk up my kitchen island,I considered tiles like that but opted for air stone instead. It was a better fit for our rustic cabin, but i do so love those tiles!

  3. Gosh, gosh, I am really so glad you enjoyed the tour Anj. She does have a nice green thumb and thank you for mentioning it as I was so intrigued by everything else, I did not think to mention it. I know the feeling on the swoon of the garage for sure. I’d love to have that in my garage as well.

  4. omg i’m in love with her home… I love from front patio to her obviously green thumb and that cute black buffet and that garage swooooooooooon lol thanks so much for sharing this sassy townhouse home tour

  5. Hi Julie and happy to hear from you today. I enjoyed this post very much as well. Your new draperies are wonderful and look very elegant.

  6. It is so very nice to hear that you enjoyed the post Suzie. I hope to bring more posts like this in the near future as a new series.

  7. Wow, those kitchen lights are amazing! It’s so fun to take virtual house tours! Thank you both for the experience 🙂

  8. O my that was simply so much fun & very special to come along to your friends house to visit! I love seeing how other people decorate their homes!

  9. Your Welcome Carolann. I had the most fun doing your home tour and was tickled pink you allowed in and shared it with us today.

  10. Sue, I am so tickled that would have honored our home in such an amazing way…as with all of your work! Our friendship was the highlight of last year. I know it will last for years to come! I can’t thank you enough for this feature! You have made my day…my week! xo

  11. Hi Crystal, I like your comment that highlights things I did not think to say so thank you so much. Have the nicest weekend with the family.

  12. Thank you Dana, I want to find out about more antique resale type shops in my area. One that I liked closed and maybe it reopened somewhere else. We do have a huge flea market in the area that I want to go to when it gets nice out.

  13. Sue, I admire the diversity of homes you share. Something for everyone. I agree on that powder room oval-shaped mirror. I would have picked that one up in two seconds flat and… the stairway is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!! xx

  14. Oh yea Heather, I am a huge fan of vanities like this and I agree that the before and after Carolann did is amazing. Have a nice weekend.

  15. Gorgeous and just as sassy as Carolann herself! Thanks to both of you for letting us take this tour. My favorite is the vanity make over. What a transformation 🙂

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