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  1. Hi Sherry, there are 75 kit homes from various companies including Sears in Norfolk, Virginia, which could be a whole other post. For some strange reason I must keep getting older too if all I can think about is going up and down stairs and/or elevators. LOL You are hysterical!!

  2. Where in Virginia are they found?

    I don’t ever want to live in a multi-story house especially because, for some strange reason, I just keep getting older. LOL

  3. How wonderful to hear from you Susie. I also love your blog and have not gotten through it all just yet. I am a Sue so we got that going for us. Glad you like the blog, I have fun doing it.

  4. says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ! I saw you have a blog so came on over. I LOVE your post about the homes. I LOVE looking at homes. I very much enjoyed this! Thanks! I will be visiting your blog again & again!

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