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One reason I blog about houses at Housekaboodle is that I don’t just have a favorite house style, I have many, so House Styles is one of the main categories on Housekaboodle.

House Styles

Source: Pinterest/Home Bunch

A favorite is Beach House styles

Each week I feature a different kind of house style.  At Housekaboodle house styles are loved for their own individual features.  I have posted about the following kind of house styles at the date of this post:


Housekaboodle is a labor of passion blog I do for myself and to connect with like-minded people.  I have to mention that Pinterest has been a wonderful way to connect with other people who are passionate about homes.  One of my first boards listed on Pinterest is Housestyles.  Builders, construction stores like Lowes, architects, home magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, and designers are climbing aboard Pinterest now due to its popularity and growing influence, and I love following their boards and connecting with them.

The existence of a magazine about homes like Better Homes and Gardens and TV shows like HGTV proves how much passion there is about homes and Housekaboodle is now part of this passionate group.  We all need ideas and photos give one of the best sources.  This is why Pinterest is so popular.  Each of my posts has photos of the exterior and  quite often interior of the house.  On Pinterest within house styles I have noticed cottages to be huge.  It is one of my most loved styles too.  Some very popular cottages that house people blog, pin, and dream about are the cottages in Carmel by the Sea, California.  Here is my featured article about a cottage located there.  Cottage in Carmel by the Sea

Online influence in the home industry is here to stay.  A new one I follow is that has Curbed Chicago, Curbed New York, Curbed LA, you get the idea.  They are all about houses and houses for sale, of which I also like to feature houses for sale.

The blogging industry and influence is huge and full of house-loving bloggers like DIY bloggers, home improvement bloggers, decorating bloggers, and bloggers who blog about houses like I do on Housekaboodle.  And, like I mentioned above, cottages are big with great blogs dedicated solely to cottage house styles.  We are niche bloggers who also sometimes branch off into other categories like our home lives, and this makes us real and approachable.

My niche is homes, I stay on subject and don’t branch off into personal blogging, but my blog is young, growing, and there is time for that such as when I get a new something or other for the house, like a new front door.  It is sure to be a post and the company where I bought the door will be front and center.  It is my hope to soon be able to blog about products in the home industry in addition to house styles, home tours, and the other home categories I blog about.  I did a lovely post about front entry doors that could have been about a front door company as well.  This is a popular way bloggers make money; posting about products.

My main niche is homes of all kinds and not just house styles.  I write about what I love about and sometimes what I don’t love about homes.  A curious and fun category of house styles I do is listed as Unusual homes like my post called House In The Clouds and Polka Dot House.  A special group I belong to called allows house bloggers to connect with each other, encourage each other, and follow what is happening in our world.  Their saying is “ – sharing the things we do between trips to the hardware store.”  They feature topics, blog of the month, a directory, and full daily posts by members.  BlogHer is the largest group I belong to where I post articles in the group of Design and Decor.

SOME SOURCES I USE FOR HOUSE STYLES: is a wonderful source about house styles to use.  I learn a lot there and it takes me into the world of house styles with links and before I know it hours have passed by.  A Bungalow house style post I did is a good example where I learned about The Historic Chicago Bungalow Association.

Custom Home Builders are authoritative about beautiful new house styles.  I featured Schumacher Homes recently called Custom Home Builder, Schumacher Homes.   Their online website is very interactive with gallery photos, model homes, virtual tours, videos, and you can make an idea scrapbook for your dream home.  Schumacher is one of the largest new home builders in America.

Houses for sale is a plentiful source for online house styles.  First though, just driving around the city you live in and seeing for sale signs in the front yard draws attention to a home.  I crane my neck when I see a for sale sign and wonder about the inside of the home.

Enter, online real estate websites for a wealth of information about house styles.  Some favorite real estate websites I visit are Trulia and Zillow.  Zillow is often featured as the real estate source for AOL and Yahoo who also have featured bloggers.  For Sale is a category on Housekaboodle.  A charming bungalow for sale in California is found here on Housekaboodle.  A successful real estate agent and I featured one of her listings in a beautiful ocean front condo community that I called Jewel of the Treasure Coast Outrigger Harbour.  Condo house styles and townhouse house styles shouldn’t be overlooked because they’re part of housing, architecture, home plans, and a popular and sometimes necessary housing alternative to live in instead of a single-family home.

So what’s your favorite house style?  Come see my treasure chest of houses at Housekaboodle and see if you can decide.